Review Materials
Question Bank - EST STANDARDS
by: Jaime C. Tiong Jr.

This book was released on October 28, 2010 and the latest publication of Excel Review Center. It contains nearly 2,000 multiple choice questions in Electronics Systems and Technologies (Communications Engineering) Standards, including past ECE Board Examinations.

This book is a useful reference for the examinees of the ECE Board Exams since a lot of questions given in the past and recent board examinations were about standard values in Communications Engineering.

SRP : PHP 280.00

The EE Handbook - Electrical Engineering
by: Excel Academic Council

This 698-page book contains theories and principles, past board examinations with complete solutions and a glossary of Electrical Engineering terms. The topics covered in this book are Basic Principles of Electricity, DC Electrical Circuits, Network Laws and Theorems, Electrostatics, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Single-Phase AC System, Electrical Resonance, Three-Phase AC System, Electrical Transients, Instruments and Measurements, DC Generators, DC Motors, Alternators, Transformers, 3-Phase Induction Motors, Synchronous Motors, Covnverters and Rectifiers, Transmission Lines, Power Factor Correction, Faults, Illumination, Electrical Power Plants. This is an indispensable book for all EE Board Examinees.

Format: 7 inches  x 10 inches
SRP: P 495.00
Edition: 2009

Question Bank - Electronics Systems and Technology
by: Santos S. Cuervo, PECE

This 506-page book contains nearly 700 problems with solutions in Electronics Systems and Technologies (EST) including recent board examinations. Under R. A. 9292, the former board subject "Communications Engineering" was replaced with "Electronics Systems and Technologies", which embraces all topics in Communications Engineering as well as new technologies in communications using electronics concepts. In the recent board exams, approximately 35% is problem solving, thus making this book an important guide for board examinees.

Format: 3.75 inches X 6.25 inches.
SRP: P 260.00 per copy
Edition: 2009

3001 Questions in Electronics Engineering
by: Excel Academic Council

This book contains theories and principle in Electronics Engineering. It also contains multiple choice questions including recent board examination in Electronics Systems and Technology. This is update to conform with the new board exam syllabus as stated in the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R. A. No. 9292.

Suggested retail price: P 295 per copy

The EE Handbook - ESAS
by: Excel Academic Council

This book contains almost 3000 multiple choice tests in 12 subjects included in the EE board subject Engineering Sciences and Allied Subjects. The subjects are as follows: Chemistry, Physics, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Materials, Strength of Materials, Engineering Management, Engineering Economics, Computer Fundamentals, Specifications and Contracts, EE Laws and Philippine Electrical Code.

This book is the second edition of "2001 Solved Problems in Engineering Sciences and Allied Subjects" published by Benchmark Publishers.

Suggested retail price: P 410 per copy