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27 Jul 2004
Deadline in Filing of PRC Application
by: Jaime Tiong

The deadline in filing of PRC application are as follows:

Electrical Engineers - August 30, 2004
Electronics and Communications Engineers - October 18, 2004

12 Jul 2004
Test Yourself in Electric Welding
by: Jaime Tiong

1. The basic electrical requirement in arc welding is that there should be

A. coated electrodes
B. high open-circuit voltage --> Ans
C. no arc blow
D. dc power supply

2. Welding is not done directly from the supply mains because

A. it is customary to use welding machines
B. its voltage is too high
C. its voltage keeps fluctuating
D. it is impractical to draw heavy currents -->Ans

3. AC welding machine cannot be used for ____ welding.

A. MIG --> Ans
B. atomic hydrogen
C. resistance
D. submerged arc

4. In electrical welding, arc blow can be avoided by

A. using bare electrodes
B. welding away from earth ground connection
C. using ac welding machines ---> Ans
D. increasing arc length

5. In DCSP welding

A. electrode is the hottest
B. workpiece is relatively cooler
C. base metal penetration is deep --> Ans
D. heavily-coated electrodes are used

6. Overhead welding position is thought to be the most ______.

A. hazardous ---> Ans
B. difficult
C. economical
D. useful

7. The ultimate aim of using electrode coating is to

A. provide shieding to weld pool
B. prevent atmospheric contamination
C. improve bead quality --> Ans
D. cleanse the base metal

8. In electrode-positive welding, _____ of the total heat is produced at the electrode.

A. one-third
B. two-third --> Ans
C. one-half
D. one-fourth

9. Submerged arc process is characterized by

A. deep penetration
B. high welding current
C. exceptionally smooth beads
D. all of the above --> Ans

10. The major disadvantage of carbon arc welding is that

A. there is occurence of blow holes --> Ans
B. electrodes are consumed fast
C. separate filler rod is needed
D. bare electrodes are necessary

11. In atomic hydrogen welding, electrodes are long lived because

A. two are used at a time
B. arc is in the shape of a fan
C. ac supply is used --> Ans
D. it is a non-pressure process

12. Unlike TIG welding, MIG welding

A. requires no flux
B. uses consumable electrodes --> Ans
C. provides complete protection from atmospheric contamination
D. requires no post-weld cleansing

13. The major power supply used in MIG welding is

A. ac supply
C. electrode-negative
D. DCRP --> Ans

14. MIG welding process is becoming increasingly popular in welding industry mainly because of

A. its easy operation
B. its high metal deposit rate
C. its use in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
D. both its easy operation and its high metal deposit rate --> Ans

15. A weld bead of wineglass design is produced in _____ welding.

A. plasma arc --> Ans
B. laser
C. electron beam

16. Spot welding process basically depends on

A. ohmic resistance
B. generation of heat
C. application of forging pressure
D. generation of heat and application of forging pressure --> Ans

17. Electric resistance seam welding uses _____ electrodes.

A. pointed
B. disc --> Ans
C. flat
D. domed

18. Projection welding can be regarded as a mass production form of ______ welding.

A. seam
B. butt
C. spot --> Ans
D. upset

19. In the process of electroslag welding, theoretically there is no upper limit to the

A. thickness of weld lead --> Ans
B. rate of metal deposit
C. slag bath-temperature
D. rate of slag consumption

20. High temperature metals like columbium can be easily welded by _____ welding.

A. flash
D. electron beam ---> Ans

12 Jul 2004
Result of Mastery Test 1
by: Jaime Tiong

Excel Review Center conducted the Mastery Test 1 for its ECE Examinees for the November 6 & 7, 2004 Licensure Examination. The results are as follows:

Top 15 Schools in terms of Passing Percentage:

1. University of the Philippines 100 %,
Polytechnic University of the Phils. - Batangas 100 %, Aquinas University 100%, Cavite State University 100 %, University of Bohol 100 %, University of Saint Louis - Tuguegarao 100%, Univesity of Southern Philippines 100 %

2. MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology 96.15 %
3. Holy Angel University 85.19 %
4. Virgin Milagrosa University Foundation 75 %
5. Leyte Institute of Technology 73.68 %
6. Ateneo De Davao University 72 %
7. Technological University of the Phils.-Visayas 69.77 %
8. Computer Arts and Technological College 66.67 %, De Guzman Institute of Technology 66.67%
9. University of Southeastern Phils 65.22 %
10. Camiguin Polytechnic State College 62.50 %
11. Cagayan State University 57.14 %
12. Mindanao Polytechnic State College 56 %
13. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila 54.35 %
14. Saint Louis University 50 %, Xavier University 50%, Central Visayas Polytechnic College 50%, University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos 50%
15. Technological University of the Philippines - Manila 46.43%

The list of the top 50 examinees is posted at Excel bulletin.

05 May 2004
Excel Produced 5 EE Topnotchers
by: Jaime Tiong

Excel Review Center garnered five topnotchers in the licensure examinations for Registered Electrical Engineers and Registered Master Electrician given in April 2004.

The topnotchers are as follows:

5th - Ronson N. Basa MSU-IIT 82.50% (RME)
9th - Ibra O. Lao Jr. MSU-Mar 88.40 %
12th - Xerxis D. Tan MSU-IIT 87.90 %
14th - Joel S. Tajan CIT 87.45 %
19th - Larry E. Laurito CIT 86.55 %

05 May 2004
ECE Oath Taking in Cebu
by: Jaime Tiong

The Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. Visayas Regional Chapter (IECEP-VRC) announces the oath taking ceremony for the successful examinees of the ECE Board Exams given last April 13 and 14, 2004.

The said affair will be conducted at 10 o'clock in the morning of May 29, 2004 at the Grand Ballroom of Cebu Marriott Hotel, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City.

Registration fee is P 1,650.00 which includes IECEP membership for three years, Nomination fee, IECEP Pin, food and venue. Additional guest will be charged P 500.00. Deadline of registration is set on May 26, 2004.

Requirements are as follows:
1. Information sheet (available at IECEP office)
2. 1 pc. 1 x 1 photo (colored or black and white)
3. 1 pc. 2 x 2 photo (colored or black and white)

For more inquiries, please feel free to contact Elgen or Mel at telephone 232-2204 or visit them at their office, TESDA Compound Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.

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